MiniZinc Constraint Program Solver

Minizinc Web IDE

MiniZinc is a constraint programming language and solver developed by the Monash university in Melbourne, Australia. Based on a simple language, MiniZinc allow to solve problems such as scheduling problems or traveling salesman problems. During my research visit at Monash university, I contributed to porting MiniZinc to the web using Emscripten and developed tools around that to simplify its usage including a Web IDE for the language or an easy integration to create interactive tutorials. For example this CodePen shows how to embed MiniZinc into a website to solve a problem.

One application that I implemented and migrated using this new MiniZinc.js is a case study for solving the vehicle routing problem with time constraints. In this web application users can explore and optimize the routing schedules of delivery trucks in the Monash university area.

Samuel Gratzl
Samuel Gratzl
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